Thursday, March 06, 2008

Learning To Ride

Guess who learned to ride a bike today! T-rev! He got a bike for Christmas but up until today he hasn't been able to figure out the whole pushing feet while steering thing. Our next door neighbor was out riding his new bike today. He is in Jr. High and Trevor just thinks he's the coolest guy. So after watching this boy ride for awhile Trevor decided he wanted to go riding with him. Sure enough after a few tries he was off and going. This boy is super sweet and was cheering Trevor on and helping him go.

Trevor is not the only one riding around these days. Rylee loves Trevor's scooter and is always trying to steal it from him. Maybe she'll get to ride it more now that Trevor can ride his bike.


Shawnda said...

that scooter is so cute! I can't believe Rylee can reach the handles! our kids have scooters, but there's no way that Karis could reach the handles!

Way to go, Trevor!!!! I used to have one of those things, and I LOVED it as a kid! ; )

marco paz galusha-luna said...

this is exciting news. i remember when i road my bicylce and loving every moment of it, except for when i would (constantly) fall down.

hopefully he'll learn how to use the brakes and not use his shoes. :)