Friday, March 07, 2008

Homeschooling Restricted?

I found this news to be very disturbing.


Shawnda said...

I know! I've been hearing about this all over the place! Evidently Dobson is getting on board with fighting against it! And I heard about this:

If you go to the HSLDA website ( ) you can sign a petition
in support of the homeschooling families of California. You *don't* need to
be an HSLDA member to sign it.

Carrie said...


Ryan J said...

Did you know Cuba has a 99.6% literacy rate? Someone very perceptive once said about this statistic, "I'd rather be free and illiterate."

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara,
My husband Essam directed me to your blog. I also am most distressed about this homeschool thing. It is so hard as a mother and wife to provide the proper learning environment for your child. As a Muslim mother, like you, I see how important it is to infuse doctrine into your children's education. I know this might be suprising to you, in fact when my husband told me about your blog I too was quite taken aback that my life would resonate so much with that of a Christian woman. But Tara, what I have found is that our lives are so parallel. I identify with your struggles,with your need and desire to be led by your amazing husband, and your strong determination to ensure that you children do not learn silly "objective" teachings that are so far removed from what Allah (or God, as you would say) teaches. It is most heart warming to read your blog, I hope we can continue to learn about our shared experiences and thus help each other move closer to becoming greater wives and mothers. Good night, I will comment again soon. Inshallah
Fatima al-Filistini
Minneapolis, MN

Tara said...

Nice to meet you Essam and Fatima. I do find your comments on how similar our lives are very interesting too but am glad that my husband and I could be an encouragement to you!