Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Girl Talk did a tribute to Grandma's this past week. They're were some beautiful stories! I submitted a story for my mom but it didn't make the cut. What can I say mom I think you were, well, too young :-) But hey this is my blog & it made the cut here!

JoAnn Jones is a wife, mom and nana to three grandchildren (soon to be four), but she is so much more to us than these words describe. When my mom was 24, she gave birth to my younger brother and blew her aortic valve. This went undiscovered for almost six trying months which eventually led to emergency open heart surgery. One can imagine what a trial this was. On one hand she had two small children that should couldn't care for, and on the other hand was the disappointment of knowing that she wouldn't be able to have any more children.

The trials have not stopped there. Today she has diabetes (complications from her heart medication), three failing heart valves, skin cancer and poor circulation in her legs. The circulation problems require new procedures to be performed every six months. She is also on a low sodium/low carb diet, which means there is very little she can eat. It has been absolutely amazing to she her strong faith in the Lord throughout it all. She clings to the truth that one day she will be free from her frail body and given a new perfectly healthy one.

I'm thankful for this opportunity to honor my mom as being an amazing Grandma. Often in my teenage years I was more aware of how my mom's health problems affected me instead of realizing the grace of God in her. Throughout my mom's life I've seen her struggle with the real desire to be healthy so she can do more. She is as social as they come, but due to her illness she is often unable to attend functions or have people over. She'll instead use her time to pray for people or write encouraging notes.

The struggle has extended itself into Grandmotherhood. I know she wants to be the healthy grandma so she can watch all the grandkids by herself. I know her desire to help me clean or organize while I'm in this season of having young children. Although I know she is thankful for the many who have helped fill in those roles over the years, I can only imagine how bittersweet it must be to see this happening. Yet it doesn't diminish her love for me or the grandkids.

And trust me my kids LOVE nana! I think "nana" was one of all three of my children's first words. She is constantly spending time with them in the ways she can - coloring, reading, and watching movies. She has my oldest over to stamp and make cards for her friends. They love the artistic nana! She also has a great sense of humor and keeps us all laughing.

They also have the opportunity to see their nana at church on Sunday faithfully worshipping and fellowshipping each week even though she does not physically feel well. They see perseverance, faith, courage and hope. They have been given a Grandma who is a living example of the gospel at work! They see a Grandma that has limitations, but always finds ways to sacrifice and serve others.

Mom, I am thankful to have you as my mom and for my children to know you and be loved by you. I wish I could take all these health problems away for you so you can be that kind of grandma you want to be, but I am thankful that my kids have been given so much more instead. I continue to pray for your healing, but cling to the promise that ultimate healing is in your future because of the gospel at work in you! I love you mom.

I hope everyone has a wonderful mother's day! I'm so thankful to be surrounded by two wonderful mother's. Nancy we love you & had such a great time with you on Friday! Grandma Jones we miss you & pray for you often!


J Winters said...

Such a wonderful tribute for your mom! JoAnn is also a great example for me. When we lived "in town" by your mom, she was always the person we could come to for prayers, helpful advice, loving friendship, and that one item I forgot to pick up at the store that I needed for what I was making right then! She is an inspiration to Joe and myself for what she has to go through daily, and how she can still look so young and vibrant - and her grandkids truly keep her going! Love you JoAnn and Tara!
auntie Jan

Carrie said...

AMEN! We love you, JoAnn! You are such a blessing to all those around you!

Brandy said...

You and your kids are so blessed to have such a godly mom and grandma, I mean nana :~). I am so encouraged by your mom's faith through her trails. Happy Mother's Day JoAnn!

Danae Jones said...

I second that!