Friday, May 30, 2008

New Attitude

I now know why it's so hard for Chris to explain his time at new attitude to me each year. I'm at a loss for words myself, amazing, wonderful, impactful, worshipful, renewing, the list could go on. We truly had a wonderful time.

Let's start with the fun first... I enjoyed seeing my husband lead a community group. El Ocho! Long live the eight.That was the name of our community group and it's family group leaders. Chris prepped the group that anytime someone said "El Ocho", they had to reply "El Ocho" back. It caught on and various time throughout the conference Chris and I would get "El Ocho" from across the room. We even had a nice banner done up before we left (thanks Conrad) so it could proudly be displayed for all to see. Actually on the last day my husband challenged another community group to a paper airplane contest. One airplane, one person, one shot. We, of course, won. The group provided great opportunities for men from our church to lead, begin each day with worship, time in the word and of course fellowship.

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The corporate worship time & messages were outstanding. We learned some great new worship songs and even took some of them home with us on this CD. The theme of the conference was the sufficiency of scripture. I highly recommend them all and they are available online. If you had to pick one and only one I would recommend the last one on adoption. It was so impactful. It brought me and many others to tears to think of God's love for his children. If you ever question if God loves you, this is the message for you. Piper did one on William Tyndale, the man who made it possible for us to read the bible in English today. A man who gave his life for this cause. It was convicting and inspiring. Throughout the message I kept thinking here is a man who was burned to death because he began translating the bible in English, meanwhile I'm lazy and sleep in ignoring the eight ESV versions I have in my house. Yes fresh perspective for sure. For Piper's final message, Fighting for faith with God's word, Chris and I somehow got second row seats front and center (thanks Andrea :-)) Like it wasn't incredible enough that we got to see Piper preach but to be front and center was quite the event! All in all I came back encouraged to read the word, pure word, again and the power that it holds.

Another highlight was meeting shai linne. We've come to know his music through Chris' brother Keith. I don't think there's a bigger fan than Keith! So when we saw him talking to people after the message we just had to go meet him. We told him about Keith and his family and he gave us an autographed CD for Keith as well as we took a Polaroid picture (thanks to Paz) in which Shai wrote," wish you were here keith"! Can't wait to get that to you guys! He was such a nice, down to earth guy who clearly loves the Lord & His word!

But by far my favorite part of the trip was all the time I got with Chris. We had so many uninterrupted, meaningful conversations. Of course most of them were from 12am-3am but time nonetheless :-) I love talking about things of the Lord and theology with my best friend! So thank you dear for making it possible for me to attend with you.

A Few pictures from the weekend:

All I can say is New Attitude is worth every penny spent!


Carrie said...

"Another highlight was meeting shai linne."

REPRESENT!!! Keith was so encouraged by Chris calling him to tell him all about shai! :~)

I cannot wait to see the look on his face when he sees that picture! Thanks so much for thinking of him! It really meant a lot!

amy said...

it was so great to have you there this year!