Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Taylor's First Tea Party

Taylor's birthday is on the 24th of may but due to Chris & I being out of town for new attitude, we threw her a party with her friends on Sunday. This year's theme was a tea party. After quite the busy week I was doubting my ability to pull it off but thanks to some friends & family the party was a huge success! We asked each girl to come dressed up & to bring a favorite doll. We began the party by introducing our dolls to each other and then went and laid them down for naps.
The girls then were split up into two groups and rotated activities. The first was to decorate a plain tea cup with porcelain pens. It was great to see all their artistic abilities. The second activity was getting a manicure from some special friends. I had set out a few special smelling lotions and nail colors for the girls to pick out and give to one of our special nail technicians, Aunt Danae, Aunt Carrie & Ruth. Afterwards we put some stickers on their nails & lip gloss.

Once the activities concluded I had them wake their dolls up and we sat in a circle & talked about the history of tea parties, manners & Ruth (or resident England native) taught us all how to hold a tea cup (pinky's out) & say "please pass the sugar" in an english accent! The girls were hilarious with this part! Afterwards it was time for our official tea party. The dolls had their own in Taylor's room and the girls were treated to quite the spread. Cinnamon apple spice tea, with sugar cubes, chocolate covered strawberries, mini pb&j and strawberry scones with strawberry jam. Yummy! The girls we're on their absolute best behavior. Actually no one talked for the first few minutes. They just sat quietly and nibbled on their food. I went over and whispered in Taylor's ear that as the host she should draw her friends out. As I walked away I heard her ask one of the girls what their favorite worship song was from that morning's worship service!

From there it was on to presents & cake. A fabulous cake that my friend ruth created. She made a tea pot for the girls & a small tea cup cake for Taylor! Ruth for some reason my picture of the cake isn't coming up in iphoto... so I will be sure to post it once we figure out what's wrong!

Thanks to all who helped out with this party! I sure could not have done it all myself!


Briana Almengor said...

I'm sure you created a memory for her that will last forever.

Brandy said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! Tara, I am continually impressed by all the projects and activities you do with your kiddos!!

Aunt Carrie, I'm ready for MY manicure! :~)

Meg said...

WOW! You're making me wish I was a little girl again. You're such an awesome Mom, Tara.