Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fun On The Green

As you saw in the first picture the resort has a large green area surrounded by the condo's. Next to the beach, this is the place we spent the most time. Eating dinners, playing, making new friends. Within day one of being there the kids discovered that there were snails in the garden planters surrounding the green. They had lots of fun collecting the snails and letting them crawl up their arm :-)

The other thing the kids like to collect was flowers. I got flowers from my kids all day long. I don't think there are many left on the green either.

Rylee got in a fight with one...

but she won...

We did just about everything we could to try to contain them to the green so we could relax too. One afternoon we brought out bubbles and that kept their attention for awhile.

We also brought our stroller out to try to contain rylee... but that was one big joke all week long as she kept finding ways out!

The green also provided a great spot to take pictures. Here's one of Taylor sitting by a little pond filled with fish. When we lost Rylee on the green this is usually where we'd find her.

Here's another picture of Rylee & Daddy, I thought it was a sweet pic.

Next post will be on the kids first train ride!

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