Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Train Station

There is a train station in walking distance in Carlsbad. Each year we've been blown away (literally) by the trains that will come zooming past. Watching the train go by became a daily thing and on the last day we decided to surprise the kids by joining in on the fun. We took a little train trip down to another beach city, walked around for an hour, and took it back. The kids had a great time!

Would you believe this is only picture I have of all three of them together... trust me it's not that I didn't try either :-) Oh and if Rylee's nose looks dirty in any upcoming pictures it's a leftover scab from one of her many falls she had last week.

They had a bazaar going on in the town we visited and it was well... bizarre!

My parents & Ryan and Danae drove down and meet us in the town. Then my mom & Danae rode back with us. Trevor did you just love your first train trip?


Maddie said...

Tara, looks like you had so much fun! Great pictures and great stories! I love the new blog layout too! So you!

Tiffany said...

So I just commented under my sister's name because she was logged in on my computer. Sorry, that was from me!