Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trevor the Philosopher

Trevor cracks us up pretty much daily. Vacation was no exception. One morning Trevor woke up next to daddy, he made a habit of coming to our bed most mornings at about 5am and sleeping a few more hours with us, anyway Chris told Trevor about his cool dreams and asked him what he dreamt about. To which Trevor replied in a serious voice:

"Dad I don't close my eyes to dream, I open them to see".

We didn't know whether to laugh or cry or ponder deeply about what was said. Chris asked him where he heard that from and he laughed and said I made it up dad. Thankfully he went back to his usual self later in the day when he said:

"Daddy you want to play a game with me outside?"

"Alright dad but I win and you lose."

Now that's a daddy's boy speaking if I've ever heard one ;-)


Sarah said...

That's so cute!

And, by the way, I love the new blog look.

Tara said...

Thanks Sarah- it was due time :-)