Friday, August 01, 2008

A Wedding

The last day of our trip we had the privilege of seeing my cousin Corbin and her finance K.C. get married. They were kind enough to plan their wedding during this week's vacation knowing most of my mom's side of the family would already be out there. My cousin is not only beautiful but has an amazing decorative touch. Her wedding was no exception- it was stunning!
We had fun seeing our family and enjoyed our last night in the beautiful California weather!

A few quick shots I got of the decorations:

There was a moment in the cermony where they remembered the saints that have gone before us. Corbin's dad and K.C.'s mom. Also not in attendance was my Aunt Wendy, Corbin's step-mom. We miss you Uncle Bobby & Aunt Wendy!

Some couple portraits:

My parents

Chris & I

Ryan, Danae and soon to be born, baby owen

My cousin Amy & Kyle and their adorable little girl:

cool dude trevor

And of course Rylee's favorite person on this trip, her cousin Madi.

This is sadly the best I got of the three kids together. Too bad cause they looked precious all dressed up :-)

The kids definitely enjoyed themselves at this party. They had a special picnic table set up for them, which I think only Rylee and Madi frequented. Taylor was given a camera by our long time family friend Tom and told to go get as many pictures as possible. She was quite the paparazzi getting some great shots of Corbin! The next morning Tom paid her $5 for her work. She was so excited and wanted to use the money to buy a gift for her bff lauren. Trevor was in an out of one of the two bathrooms they had with Chris pretty much the entire night. Apparently he had to much fruit that day. It was pretty funny, considering I wasn't the one taking him. He'd get to cut in front of the line each time, who can say no to a little kid doing the potty dance. But hey no accidents! The kids were some of the first on the dance floor showing everyone all there moves. I wish I had it on video to share because it was quite the scene. I kept wondering where they learned there moves from... then Taylor told someone when asked that she watches me dance in the kitchen. They had set up a photo booth for guests to take pictures and leave in the guests book throughout the evening. Before you went in there were masks and other accessories to choose from. Rylee took one of the masks there and insisted on dancing with it on. She looked like a mini phantom of the opera girl!

and it was with that last look we knew it was time to go home :-)


Tiffany said...

Wow Tara! Awesome pictures! You seriously look GREAT in that pic with Chris!

Janelle Shank said...

great pics tara! and i really like the new background :)

Mandy Kershaw said...

LOVE your new background and your pictures. Looks like it was a great vacation and wedding. Thanks for your encouraging words about James's school. I appreciate it and will probably need more along the way. :) There's a paper plate hat? It was stressful enough making silly socks with a crying baby on my lap who kept reaching for the scissors! Thanks for the heads up!

Carrie said...

Congratulations, Corbin! What a beautiful wedding... I love the decorations! And Rylee cracks me up with the Phantom of the Opera mask! ;-)

Anonymous said...

You caught the beauty that is Corbin. I was stunned to not see my picture in the dancing section of the day. I thought I was making a big impression on everyone.