Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sailing Ships

Well we are finishing up week two of school. So far things have gone really well. We finish usually before lunch time to which Taylor replies- "Can we do more?". I'm still playing around with schedules. Today we cleaned and did errands in the morning and schooled while Rylee napped all afternoon. That worked out nicely.

One of the things that has terrified me about homeschooling is crafts. I'm not a crafty person and struggle with envy towards those who are :-) Taylor's curriculum has a lot of neat hands on activities. Making teepee's, wigwam's, poster's and don't even get me started on how complicated I made her timeline last week. I was finally like, forget it we are waiting till your dad gets home! I'm pathetic I know. However yesterday the day's activities called for making three ships out of foil. Just reading the activity made me want to cry. But I faced my fears head on an at the end of the day Taylor and I made three nice looking ships we named- The Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria. Great names huh? We've been studying Christopher Columbus all week.

So we took our ships to my parents pool and let them set sail! Notice the one in the middle that flipped over from Trevor knocking it with a noodle. I had to get in quickly to fix that.
Taylor learned that back in Columbus' days they relied on wind to move the boats not motors. Let's just say we had a pretty wind free night so we had to try to supply some of our own.

But eventually they made themselves all the way to the end. Rylee was happily waiting on the step for the first boat.

I should've known better than to let her go out to the pool, her favorite place, in her clothes. After soaking herself completely she had enough and took all her clothes off got back in.

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PJC said...

G'day Tara! It sounds like your first 2 weeks of school have been a lot of fun! Your kids are absolutely gorgeous. I always enjoy reading about your precious family. I just wanted to encourage you that craft and arty stuff is totally my weakness too, even though I've been homeschooling for 6 years now. I often feel very overwhelmed in how to do all that stuff. Just like in cooking, I look for a minimal amount of 'ingredients' in the recipe/ craft project! I'm sure you'll grow in confidence as you go along.
Blessings to you and family. Praying for you as you continue on in your schooling journey!
Love Meg in Sydney