Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School

Today we started school. This year we will be homeschooling Taylor for 1st grade and I will be doing some preschool with Trevor. This has been a much anticipated day in our house. Actually so anticipated that I moved our start date up a week. I won't get into all the reasons as to why we are homeschooling this year maybe some other post.

After much discussion with those that have gone before us, each other and reading books on education we settled on Adventures in My Father's World. It's a christian based curriculum that follows a Classical/Charlotte Mason approach. And being I couldn't decide which way to go, classical or mason, I feel like I've got the best of both worlds! I was able to order pretty much everything (math, science, history, etc) from them and it comes with a schedule/teacher's manual. The more Chris and I talked about this year it became evident that it would best serve our family if we found something that would minimize the amount of planning I needed to do. I've taken the past month to look over the curriculum and I'm excited for all that this year holds.

So our school morning began with happy face pancakes, chocolate milk and applesauce oatmeal.

Our first day of school pictures! Trevor cracked me up with his.

Trevor did quite well with his eye hand coordination exercises and letter coloring. He actually couldn't get enough of his letter coloring and ended up printing off five or more "A's" for him to color. He should have that letter down by the end of the day :-)

Of course we can't forget Rylee. She hung with us most of the morning pretty well! Her new favorite thing is puzzles.

Knowing we would be studying the geography of the 50 states my parents bought Taylor a Melisa and Doug 50 state puzzle. She's pretty much worked on that daily for the past month and today I tested her to see how many of the states she knew. Once again, she amazed me!The only states she struggled with were the tiny ones up in the top. Give it a week and I'm sure she'll have that down as well! As she's naming off states I realized that not only did I not know how to spell the majority of them but had to get a map when we were done to confirm she was right! So I guess I'll be the one in school this year.

We finished day one around 1:30 (which included art & piano lessons) to which my daughter replies, "We're done?"" in a sad voice. "Isn't there more we can do!" To which I replied, "Get to work on those states you don't know slacker!" LOL- just kidding I didn't say that... she's off reading some of her new library books :-)


Brandy said...

That is so awesome! I wish I had had a teacher like you for first grade! I pray you continue to enjoy homeschooling and that your kids are continually blessed by your sacrifice.

Ruth said...

Yay! just let me know when the field trips are!! :D

Carrie said...

Wow Tara... that sounds so great! You are so organized! I'm so glad I get to watch you do all this and learn from you... what an example I get!

I love the school pictures, too! :~)

Tara said...

carrie did you miss the part where I said they organized everything for me ;-)

Laurie said...

I'm using MFW too. We are doing Rome to the Reformation this year. I won't start until after labor day this year. I would love to hear how you decided to homeschool, if you are wanting to write about it.