Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The newest member of our house

While we were out with our friends last week we had a special delivery. A parlor grand piano! It's beautiful. Back when we were planning on moving into the Dublin house we had arranged for our friend Luz to come and live with us. During that time she asked if she could have her piano, which was housed at her parents house, moved in too. I of course said yes! I've been dreaming and scheming for some time as to how I could get a piano back into my life as a keyboard is just not the same. So when Dublin fell apart Luz asked if we would still take her piano. As crazy as it seemed, being we are already busting at the seams in our house, my heart was set on having a piano again. I'm so glad we said yes and moved some things around. I have been so blessed by it's presence over the past week.

Almost immediately I began lessons with Taylor. Per her constant begging. She's done quite well thus far!

Thanks Luz for trusting us with your piano! And for what it's worth I'd rather have had you live with us than your piano... but your piano will do for now :-)


Seth and Janet said...

Thanks for sharing them with us, I promise we will take good care of them!

"Summershine" said...

The piano is beautiful! That is so awesome that you are so talented and you're able to teach Taylor how to play the piano.