Monday, February 16, 2009

Four Years Of Trevor

I don't think I've done an update on Trevor in a long time! First off isn't he so stinking cute?! I think he could be a little child model. But good looks is not all this boy has. Although it's saved him a time or two :) He is full of life, energy, ideas and he's pretty sure most of the time, he's right. He makes us laugh with his monologues on life, warms our heart with his "let's talk about God" initiating and he loves his sisters. He's fierce and protective of them. He's also really funny and can get us laughing with his made up jokes and one line sayings. This morning I showed him a picture of right after he was born (cleaned up) and he said "EWW"!

When I began the school year with Trevor this year he knew very few letters and no sounds. By December he knew all his letters, sounds and has begun to put words together! We are so proud of him! He also knows his shapes and numbers up to 20. He has grown so much. Another important skill to dad and mom is this was the year he began consistently sleeping through the night! Praise God :)

Your third year was a big year for you son! Can't wait to see what year four has in store for you!


Brandy said...

Yep, this picture is definitely publication material! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Tara - if you wanted to see what you husband looked like as a 4 year old.... this is a great representation!