Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Pirate Trevor

Today we threw Trevor a 4th birthday party. This was his first "friend" party and also the last birthday party in this house, as well as living in Gilbert.

Over the past year Chris has been playing this game with the kids where he comes out as "Blackbeard" the friendly pirate and takes them on treasure hunts. Sometimes he makes them work for their treasure by having them help mommy clean up the house. I love blackbeard. So do the kids. And it is for this reason Trevor wanted a pirate party. We invited 8 friends plus two older boys in the church that trevor looks up to and all of them came! He was blessed! The kids showed up and went out back and played and got pirate tattoos & eye patches. Then once everyone arrived I had spray painted mini treasure chests black for each kid to decorate and gave them pirate coloring sheets to color.

Afterwards I sat them down and told them black beards legend. Which I'm told I didn't do very well, sorry honey I'm just not as gifted in this area as you are :) Then lo and behold blackbeard came!! I love my husband for many reasons and this is just one of them... when I came home with a pirate outfit, gold earring and all, he threw it all on and was such a good sport about it too :)

It was so cute to see their faces. He put them through pirate school. Starting with giving them all pirate names. Then he played blackbeard says.

Taught them how to walk the plank and throw gold coins into the ocean. I don't know why that's a good skill to have... but hey the kids loved it :)

Then they went on a treasure hunt through the house which ended with Blackbeard's treasure. I think all the candy was stuffed into bags in a matter of seconds!

Then it was time for presents & cake. Ruth, my talented friend, helped me make this awesome pirate ship cake. And by help me I mean she made it while I did what she told me to do :)



Jessica said...

Happy B-day to Trevor - his gift is going to come eventually! I promise. It took a little longer to get then I planned. :( Give him a hug and tell him he can have a birthday month since a gift is still coming! Love Jess

Anonymous said...

What a great party. And you all of this while packing to move?!!!! Wow.

Brandy said...

We had a lot of fun and Ethan still talks about the party. He said today, "While you are driving me to school, I am going to do treasure, okay?" (He put all his gold coins in his treasure chest and decorated it with the pirate stickers.) He loves it!