Saturday, February 21, 2009

Goodbye Page

Tay & Lauren meet at just barely 2 yrs old. Lauren and her family has made living on this street unbelievable. One could not ask for better neighbors. But over time they became more then neighbors, they are our dear friends. And just this past year they became members at our church Sovereign Grace Gilbert. Thanks for all the memories guys! We will truly miss not living next to you but look forward to having you over to our new home in Peoria.

I was a huge Amy Grant fan as a kid. I always liked the song "If these walls could speak" and the concept it represented. So I took it and made it my own :)

Today we pulled away from the home that our family has lived in the longest to date. We came as three and leave as five.

Goodbye Page

If these walls could speak they would tell of babies cries
of first laughs and crawls
first steps taken first words spoken.
Of bikes being learned and words being read
of dreams being shared and friendships secured.

If these walls could speak they would tell of love, laughter, joy
of tears that fell and grace that healed
of God's word proclaimed not lived out perfectly
but forgiveness extended in every case.

These walls have been kind to give such provision
a young family growing in the Lords vision
Discovering what he'd have them be and how he'd require them to live.
Today we leave it all behind knowing it's just one more stop in this mortal life
Soon enough we will be home.
A home that will never change, and never end.

So this is where we must go our separate ways.
goodbye Page.

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Dad Jones said...

Tara you put it so well. I remember when we left Ellis street. What a heart break but it was very little time before Washington street felt like home. of course it was only 4 miles away.