Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Move #1 Begins

About a week before Christmas we were approached by a friend who asked us if we'd consider renting our house out to her & her girls. We prayed about it and felt such a peace. As most of you know we've been trying over a year to sale our house and the market, unfortunately, has only continued to decrease value in Phoenix. Making it harder for us to sale. Renting at this point seems best. Plus we know and respect our renter, making it even better!

The only thing was she was ready to move in sooner then we were able to get out to Peoria. But in God's provision some friends of ours have a house in our neighborhood they've been renting out and their renters (our other friends) just moved out. So this saturday we will be moving into their house, just one street away. In the meantime we will be praying and looking at where to live in Peoria. I'm so thankful that we can stay in our neighborhood. By far the hardest part about leaving this house is our awesome neighbors. I still plan on bringing the kids over to this block so they can continue playing with their friends until we move to Peoria.

So all that to say a minor blogging break is required. This move is tricky in two ways. One it's smaller than our current house and two we are unpacking knowing that we will be re-packing everything again in a few months. I'm doing my best to try to do this all in an organized way. Pray for me cause at the moment I'll just be glad to have everything packed by saturday :)


megan russell said...

we'll be praying for you!

Jessica said...

Good luck, we're thinking of you guys!