Wednesday, December 14, 2005

10 Things Every Mom, or At Least this Mom, Wants for Christmas

10. A year supply of starbucks, or even better a fresh vanilla latte delivered to my door every morning
9. A free personal trainer, and extra time in the day to actually use the trainer
8. A personal chef who will make both equally tasty and nutritious meals each night
7. A maid who will come weekly or more if needed and clean toilets, floors etc.
6. A digital camcorders that will stay on all day to capture those precious moments that happen unexpectedly
5. Free babysitting for date nights throughout the year by women who your children love and adore. Oh wait I already have that! Seriously Janelle and Andrea you girls are such a blessing to the Daukas family!!! Thank You, Thank You!!
4. A digital camera, you know one that actual takes pictures quickly when you push the button instead of taking FOREVER to capture the moment of your baby who at this point has already crawled off because it took to long for your camera to shoot. I'm sorry do I sound discontent with our camera?? You're right I am, I'm working on it.... working on saving our Christmas money to buy a new one :-)
3. Sleep... just a few more hours of precious sleep that's all I need...
2. A million dollars, I don't know it sounded good :-)
1. To grow more in love with the Saviour and his word to have a deep effect in my life! That is my prayer for 06'!

Once again my friends these are only suggestions please don't feel confined by my list ;-) And mom's feel free to add anything that I might have forgotten!


andrea said...

no problem! i can take care of all of that! :-) lol j/k

about the camera - may i recommend the one my mom has? good quality and super fast picture taking. i love it. i took my other digital camera back (largely b/c of the delay factor - it was driving me nuts!) and i'm thinking of getting one very similar to hers... it's a kodak...

Suzanne said...

Someone to to all my laundry - washing, drying, folding, putting away and the dreaded ironing! Can you tell it's my least favorite chore?