Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Lies I told today....

Today was a dental day for the Daukas'. It was Taylor's first time going to the dentist. I had to tell a few lies to get her there.

Taylor- What's a dentist?
Mommy- a dr. who looks at your teeth ( not lying yet)
Taylor- I don't want to go to a dr.
Mommy- No the dentist is fun (lying begins) you'll have a great time!
Taylor- Will it hurt?
Mommy- No sweetie it won't hurt at all ( another lie)

So I began to build up this dentist trip as a fun exciting adventure. Meanwhile I HATE going to the dentist!! And no matter how well I brush or floss I can't ever seem to leave without making a follow up visit to have a cavity filled. Well it turns out that it was fun for Taylor and it didn't hurt. So mommy didn't lie to her. They wanted to make her first visit positive so they only took a few x-rays and polished her teeth using watermelon tasting polish with the "tickle-toothbrush". She got her picture taken, a new toothbrush and dentist money to pick out a prize of her choice. I however left with bleeding gums, sore teeth, a follow up appt. to get a broken filling fixed and no dentist money. It's great being a kid!


Ryan J said...

OH man, you're totally becoming like mom.

Tara said...

like mom or a mom?

Naomiruth said...

I always loved the dentist growing up. :-) My mom probably brainwashed me like that. But hey, it worked. Only in the last couple years have I learned to dislike it.

The Baby Blues comic today reminded me of you and your last post. ;-) http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/comics/babyblues.html

Jeff McFadden said...

I wish I got dentist money instead of bleeding gums.

Suzanne said...

I hate going to the dentist, too, and he's a member of our church! He likes to check your gums for bleeding points.....no fun!

My mother-in-law works there, too. I just can't get away!!