Friday, December 02, 2005

The Kindergarten Code

I read this post on Dr. Al Mohler's blog today:
  • The Kindergarten Code- The Ivy League For Five Year Olds
  • He talks about parents who are determined to raise superior children, who eventualy will gain admission for Havard. He ends by saying
    "This entire phenomenon points to the fact that too many parents are treating their children as projects to be perfected rather than as persons to be loved, nurtured, taught, and disciplined. As this article makes clear, some parents see children as an extension of ego -- trophies for social status. This is unspeakably sad." I admit that as I have begun some preschool work with Taylor this year I am tempted to think about how smart she is and how advanced I want her to be in school. Oh how wrong a focus this is.... yes I desire her to learn the skills of reading, math and arithmatic but God forbid I ever desire that more than her being saved and growing in Godliness. The job as her parent/teacher is to prepare her for the day she stands before the Lord. He will not care how "advanced" she is or what Ivy league school she has attended. No, He will want to know who she has put her trust in to save her from the wretched sinner that she is. How humbling it is to be a parent!


    andrea said...

    i know - isn't that so exciting (about kelley)? she's coming alone, and she'll be here all weekend - including church! yay!! of COURSE we'll have to get at least SOME time with you guys so she can meet 'my kids'! :-)

    Ryan J said...

    Can Taylor be my trophy than? .. just kidding..

    There's a good chance that her intelligent gene has come from Chris, I doubt it's from our side :)

    Tara said...

    oh yes but looks... that ours ;-)

    Sophia said...

    You should write a book on parenting. :) Jk, I hope I have the wisdom you possess when I'm a parent. Keep it up!