Tuesday, December 13, 2005

12 day till Christmas!

Well we survived a busy weekend. Shopping for a flower girl dress for Taylor, garage sale, chronicles of narnia, youth banquet, Chris re-preparing a message for sunday and then we crashed on Monday! All very fun and eventful!

Taylor was in heaven trying on dresses for Uncle Ryan & Aunt Danae' wedding!

The garage sale was well.... very cold! The Payne's brought some stuff over to sell and we were all freezing at 6:00am. I think it was 35 degrees out!! I forget it gets that cold in AZ. Thankfully by 8:00 it started to warm up! We did make some money which is going towards Christmas presents. I was hoping it was more money I could spend but my hubby informed me no it's to pay back the money we already spent. Bummer!

Later in the afternoon we headed out to the theatre to watch the much anticipated Chonicles of Narnia. Our church had purchased two differnt times in a theatre and gave tickets out to everyone in the church as a christmas gift! I personally was not disappointed by the movie. I thought it was outstanding and found the scene where Asyln sacrifcied his life for Edmond's very powerful. I'm excited to read the books to Taylor and Trevor one day.

Chris did an outstanding job on sunday. I think he did a better job Sunday than on Friday night. I'm continued to be challenged by the realization that so much of my repentance is wordly not biblical. My repentance should be Gospel motivated and filled with sorrow, hatred, confession and turning from my sin. All to often I just confess my sin and try to "Pep Talk" myself into why I need to change instead of letting the Gopsel have it's full effect in my life. I appreciate when he said that repentance leads to joy not gloom. For the gospel is pardon from sin and power to change! What hope!

Well only 12 days to Christmas. I am tempted to think of all that I need to get done in 12 days. Shopping, wrapping, baking! However, I don't want to get so busy that I neglect my times with the Lord! So on that note I'm off to read & pray.

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Sussy said...

you scared me when I read "we crashed on Monday" jeez, don't do that to me girl :0)

Well I am glad you didn't literally "crash", Taylor looks SO cute in that flower girls dress, but I am sure she will look gorgeous in whatever flower you all decide to get her.