Sunday, December 18, 2005

Singles Christmas Party

Me, Andrea & Janelle

Chris & I

One of the four tables ( this was the rowdy table! )

Last night was the Singles Party. It was incredibly well done, thank you Shanks! My favorite part of the night, aside from seeing everyone all decked out in their finest, was the time of honoring others. We opened it up for people to honor one another in areas that they have seen God at work in their life. I was encouraged on a number of levels. First of all God has been at work this year! See not even a year ago we started singles care groups/singles ministry. There was a surface level of knowledge amongst the group when we began. Last night however, it was evident that they have embraced biblical fellowship and put it into practice in there times together. Another evidence of grace last night was that there were no pauses between honoring people. Chris had to eventually bring it to an end. Try to bring it to an end that is. There were a few " wait can I honor this person before we end? " And that's how it should be. We as believers should be eager and quick to honor and point out evidences of grace in others. Because God is ALWAYS at work! Eph 4:29 says "Let know unwholsome word come out of your mouth except that which builds up, as fits the occasion, so that it may give grace to those who hear." Which for me means that I need to get my eyes off of myself and study my husband,children and friends and see where God is at work and then take some time to encourage them in those areas!

So my friends I encourage you to point out an evidence in grace in someone today. Bring glory to the gospel by building up one another with grace filled words!

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Mike said...

hey, you'd be rowdy too if killer plastic snowflakes kept attempting to fall on you =0

d'you have anymore pictures? I wanted to show 'em to me family.