Friday, August 04, 2006

Back and No Baby!

Hello All! Just returned from our vacation. We had a wonderful time. Baby is still in utero (thank you God!). Vacationing with little ones is sure different from the days of just Chris & I. There are no vacations from tantrums & bad attitudes. But they are more fun in cooler weather, on the beach and much easier when dad is around :-) Honestly though we are so glad the Lord provided this trip for us and feel rested & ready to gear up for number three! I have so many awesome pictures to sort from... I might try to put together a slide show and post it. If not I'll attempt to pick a few favorites and post them.

Ok enough about vacation... I'm off to unpack, get ready to host singles care group tonight at our house & to make sure Chris (the officiating pastor) & Taylor (the flower girl) are all set for the Pettit wedding tomorrow!

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Janners said...

aww tara, you look positively lovely! cant wait to see pics of baby #3 whenever she gets here ;)