Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sleek Mama

No, that's not what people are calling me these days. It's the name of my friends company. I love her product so much that I just had to share it with the blogging world! She has saved my back from constant pain! All my kids have liked being held/carried. And while I'm not into spoiling and carrying them all the time, there are those moments when they just need to be held. For example grocery shopping. Now that I have three there is one in the front of the cart, one in the back and one on me. Or for example during worship. If I want to sit by my husband, I have to carry Rylee up to the front. There is no room for the stroller. And of course babies have a knack of wanting to be held the exact moment dinner needs to get started. With Taylor I used the baby bjorn. Loved it, but it killed my back! Then with Trevor I saw my friend Heather wearing this cool looking carrier at church. Come to find out she made it herself. She got so many requests from other moms to make them one that she ended up starting her own business. Heather makes very comfortable and stylish baby carries. Recently I've been using a sling she made me. Rylee loves to be in there! And it distributes the weight evenly so I no longer get backaches. So if you have a new baby and are in need of a carrier be sure to check out her website. You can pick out your own fabric, give her your measurements and she'll ship you your own customized baby carrier!


Here are a few pictures of my sling:

When they are more in the newborn stage you can put them in the sling so that they are completely cradled and no one sees their face but you. One day I wanted to capture what I saw when I looked down into the sling. I love this picture!


anne said...

aodrable! I have two slings, that I do love. It is a great buisiness to get into. My mother in law made me one and I got one from lucky-baby.com love them both! Yours is really cute too!

Zoanna said...

Oh, what a beautiful sight in that sling. How I miss those days. They seem so long when you're in the middle of them. I love how close you got to her soft cheeks, chubby fingers, and the "sleeping lips".