Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Prep & Bumbo seat

Everyone getting ready for Christmas? I've been busy all week shopping, baking and cleaning. Rylee has spent a fair amount of time in her new bumbo seat:

It's a great invention. Something I didn't own with the other two. She loves sitting up and Trevor loves getting down on her level and playing with her. On thursday I spent the entire afternoon baking cookies, brownies, peppermint bark etc. and had Rylee in the bumbo seat in the kitchen. Trevor was on the ground entertaining her. I went on with my baking and before I knew it she looked like this:

What a sad look. Oh yeah and don't mind all the spit up on her.... I think she was traumatized by her brother. The joy of brothers!


Shawnda said...

I think we might have to "invest" in one of those little seats! I've seen them, but never really go the "point" of them....until NOW!!! I can see how Karis would LOVE that!!! Too cute of pics! And the spit-up?! I never new that they'd spit up do to anxiety and such, but I SEE that in Karis!!! She totally spits up EVER time we put her in her car seat!!! EVERY TIME...without fail...doesn't matter when she's eaten!!! I'm sure Rylee adores her big brother and sister....they obviously adore her!!! : )

Scott & Jessica said...

Tara - this is too crazy. Scott and I just put Addy in her bumbo seat for the first time about 10 minutes before I read your blog! I still have to watch her head, but she loves the view. :) It is going to be great for her. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Addy will have to dodge doggie kisses in her seat!