Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gardening Fun

Well our week without Chris is about to come to an end! There has been so much grace for this trip! We have done more this week than probably the entire month. Taylor was on fall break so it made it easier to go places. I took them to the library for story time. The theme was spiders, yuck, but they loved it and afterwards the kids made a spider craft. I took them to the mall play area with my parents, Disney store, and then spent the night at my parents. The next morning the kids helped my dad pick out flowers at a local nursery and when they were done they chased some rooster's. Wrong day to forget my camera! I had the chance to catch up with two old time friends, have dinner with the Pastor's wives, and all the kids roasted marshmallow's! Yesterday Taylor & Trevor helped my dad plant the flowers they picked out in my parents garden. It was a beautiful morning! So yes, we kept very busy while daddy was gone. We are eager to welcome him home tonight!

I got some great pictures while the kids were gardening with papa. I had a hard time picking out just two or three for the blog so I put ten or so on a sideshow. It's hard to say who enjoyed it more but I think Trevor was the most intense and focused of the two... maybe he'll inherit papa's green thumb. Someone in this family has got to!

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Heather said...

I went over to my parents for a sleep over while Rich was on a recent business trip. Glad I'm not the only one!!!