Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sunset Date Night

Last night my husband surprised me with a memorable, romantic date night. He had our babysitter come a little early and drove us to Saguaro Lake to catch the sunset. As with anything we do it seems, it was an adventure! We unknowingly passed our turn that would take us to the lake so with both started to wonder if we would actually make it before the sun set. I was thankful for the detour though. It gave us a chance to see these gorgeous mountains reflecting the very bright sun.

After sometime, a quick call for help to a friend, we turned around and found the entrance that took us down to the lake. We set up some chairs, ate dinner and watch the most amazing sunset! I love Arizona sunsets!

It was very romantic. That is until the largest skunk I've ever seen decided to join us. No joke! Talk about putting a stink on your date night! He had no interest in leaving, actually just the opposite. I decided getting a picture of the skunk was not worth the risk of getting skunked and smelling for days to come! So we quickly packed up and began talking about what to do next. We weren't far from Fountain Hills so we drove there and camped out under the stars and watched the fountain go off and on for awhile. Fountain Hills, for those of you who may not know, it is the worlds largest fountain. The fountain gets up to 562 feet, 10 feet higher than the Washington Monument!

It was a beautiful night. Lots of conversation, resting, enjoying God's beauty and silence (something that's rarity for us!) We have struggled to find time to talk in the midst of two very talkative children and one that fights going to bed till 9:30. It has been a trying season as I too love to talk, especially with my husband :-)

Thank you Love for such a wonderful night!


Anna said...

Ooooh, what a beautiful sunset!! But I was looking forward to a skunk picture... ;) I'm so glad I was able to help in a small way! It's such a joy to watch your little ones! :)

Briana Almengor said...

what gorgeous pictures! Sounds like a great date night.

Stephenia said...

Gorgeous pics!!!! Glad you had a time away with your hubby!

Sarah said...

Stunning pictures! Makes me want to make a trip to Arizona.

Glad you had such a good time.

Suzanne said...

Your skunk encounter reminds me of a date that Rob and I had right after we were married. We were sitting by a nice duck pond and a few minutes later I saw some shuffling near our bench. It was a HUGE rat! :(