Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Life 101 Begins

Last night, perhaps one of my favorites ministries our church offeres, began. Life 101. Everyone is welcome. Really everyone, it doesn't matter if you've never been to church before, if you curse, smoke, this is the place for you. We start off with some good food where people literally force food into you until you can no longer take it. I must've been asked five times last night "need more mash potatoes?" as soon as I finished with my helping. At some point at was like, "no, please, you have got to cut me off!!" After dinner is a short teaching and discussion with your group. At Chris and I's table last night were some of my neighbors, which was awesome, my dad and Antonio Banderas. Ok so not really, but I swear he is his twin. He's got the hair and accent, might as well have had the mask of zorro too! He's in his late twenties, been in the states four years, has opened up three greek restaurants and until last night had never read a bible before. Afterwards Rich showed him a greek bible and had him translate part of Hebrews for him. As he tried to translate a verse he commented, "Ah yes this is hard to translate to English." Rich gave him the greek New Testament and a bible to take home with him and prayerfully he'll be back next week! So although I could feel the "life 101" hangover this morning in myself and in the kids as they go to bed late and wake up early for school, I wouldn't trade any of it for the chance to be apart of this ministry and to see God work in amazing ways!
Pray for this class over the next five weeks!

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