Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Funny Things Trevor's Said

Trevor just gets cuter and cuter by the day. His little smirks when he asks for something he knows he shouldn't have and the way his vocabulary seems to ever expand. This morning as Chris left Trevor broke out into tears, as he often does, because he doesn't want daddy to go to work. I sat down by him and tried to give him my usual speech of how daddy is called by God to go to work and that by daddy working he can provide things like clothes, food & toys for us. Trevor looks at me and said, " I don't need clothes, I have clothes already". As he pulls at his shirt. Maybe I should work on my speech.

Also miracle or miracles, Trevor has given up his pacifier. It was much easier than I would've anticipated. I began having daily battles with him over the pacifier and his desire to have all the time. It had totally became an idol for him. So Chris lead us in taking it away. At one point in the beginning days Trevor asked for his dinky, as he affectionately calls it, I replied that he is a big boy now and does not need the dinky. He looked at me with his big blue eyes and said " I don't want to be a big boy, I want to be a small boy, give me back my dinky!". It didn't work but he sure was cute!


Shawnda said...

I can't believe how big he's getting!!! WAY TO GO ON THE DINKY!!!!! The fruit of perseverance! We did that with Keziah, and she opted for her thumb.....and we still haven't figured out how to break that one, though we try to get it to nap/bed time. If you have any great ideas, let me know! : ) How was your outting yesterday???

Tiffany said...

Oh Trevor is soooo cute! I can totally picture him saying that! Great job on the dinky Trevor!