Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Heni

Sorry I'm a little late on this...for some reason I've had a horrible time uploading pictures until today.

Who is Heni you ask? Taylor, being the first grandchild on both sides, had the responsibility of naming her Grandma's. For my mom she went with Nana and we were trying to get her to call Chris' mom Grammy. Taylor could never quite get it out, instead the "G" was replaced by an "H" and became hanny or as we've chosen to spell it, heni.

This weekend we celebrated Heni's birthday. It was quite the treat! It's been awhile since we've gotten all the AZ cousins together and well with six kids five and under it got quite loud and crazy at times! I'll admit my two oldest were the ring leaders in providing lots of noise! There seriously have been a few moments lately where we've been places and I'll think, gosh it's kind of loud and crazy right now and then I look around and realize, oh wow all that's coming from my children! I am use to watching other families kids provide the noise, now it's mine.

Grammy playing with CJ & Rylee:

Chris' parents have a pool table which naturally attracts the kids every time we are there!

The kids played a wild game called tackle the giant. Chris took one for the team by being the giant. Again it made sense he would be since it was our kids leading the way.

Here's my poor attempt to get a pictures of Grammy with her grandkids... poor lighting and uncooperative kids turned into this:

We Love you Grandma!!

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Brandy said...

Just wait until Addy gets here! Let the fun begin. We were so blessed to be with you guys last weekend. Ethan still talks about playing with Uncle Chris and all his cousins.