Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Zoo Fun

Yesterday I woke up and began my normal Monday routine. I got Taylor up, ready for school and rushed around to get myself ready as well. Monday's are my day to be a parent helper in her class. Every Monday that is except for holidays... Right as we began to load up the car I realized that the date was November 12th and Taylor didn't have school on November 12th. So there we were up, dressed and ready to go. We called our friends Rich & Tiffany and meet up with them at the zoo. It was such a beautiful day! It stayed cool even during the lunch hour.

The kids had a lot of fun together. We went to a couple new parts of the Zoo for us this time. One being the reptile/dangerous area, as they call it. We saw rattle snakes, eel's, tarantula's, scorpions, and hissing cockroaches. Basically everything that gives me nightmares! The rattle snake had a thing for Trevor. As soon as we walked up and Trevor put his hand on the window the snake woke up and slithered his way up to the window where he did a little dance. It was really cool!

While looking at the Baboon's one decided to turn the G rated park into PG...

You expect to see their red bums but this was well... onto the next exhibit kids...

It's always fun seeing Jack and Taylor play together. One is all boy and the other is all girl! They work it out though and have a lot of fun together. Here's an adorable picture of the two of them. A possible future sideshow picture one day... you never know! I almost got one of the two of them holding hands, for the all of ten seconds that happened, but Rich put a stop to that before Tiffany or I could grab a shot :-)

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