Thursday, November 22, 2007

Week with the Daukas'

Happy Thanksgiving! This year we are thankful for the opportunity to see both of our families! We have been spending all week with Chris family. Specifically Chris twin and his family who came down from Washington. We've really enjoyed the hang out time with Scott & Jessica and the opportunity to get to know our first niece Addy. Rylee and Addy have been quite cute playing together! Rylee is the active one climbing and running everywhere and Addy will just stand there and babble non stop to you! Yesterday we drove out to the west side to have lunch at Chris' other brother's house. Later that night Chris & I took our date night to hang out with Scott & Jessica and his parents without any kids! We played a mean game of Texas hold em and well I was the mean one and took all their money! If I sound proud it's because I am. If you know anything about Chris & Scott they win EVERYTHING and they pride themselves on being superior texas hold em players! And the final table was: Chris, Scott & Me. That's right I knew when to hold em and knew when to fold em. After the game Scott came back to our house and played wii with Chris LATE into the night. Here's some quick pics from the week.

More pictures to come from Thanksgiving. I hope everyone is enjoying their festivities!

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