Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Poem- By Taylor

Taylor has been into journaling lately. She'll go out and sit on the driveway and write out what she did that day. Sometimes she'll ask for my help with spelling but lately she's gotten more confident and will try on her own. The other day she sat down and wrote her first poem! She came up with it on her own. Chris and I were so proud of her!

So here is it is... I'm going to write it how she wrote it out in her journal.

A Poem:
The sky is blue the sun is out
flowres have bloomed the plants have sprouts
God creats the most butefullest things in the world
God loves me and God loves you.

By Taylor
April 22secint


Shawnda said...

That is so precious! I love how she wrote out the date! : )

Luz said...

aww! that's delightful!

Heather said...

What an adorable little poem. I LOVE reading the journals I wrote when I was very young and get the biggest kick out of how I wrote. I'm sure both of you will treasure this forever!

Joy said...

I just found your blog! You have adorable little girls. I am also a pastor's wife (well, technically he'll be licensed in June).

We also have a house full of little girls!