Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Faithfulness In Fires

After two weeks of dealing with insurance, toyota and adjustor's we are now proud owners of a new van! It wasn't easy and until monday things we're not looking good. For some reason our insurance was eager to close our case. The bottom line was they weren't giving us enough money to fix our van or enough to buy a new one. I'm so thankful for my husband and all the hours he logged on the phone. On friday he asked toyota to come up with their own list of damages and they came in 4k over our adjustor! That's a lot! We were able to find a few things to bring to our adjustor and he took a look at the list on monday and called back at the end of the day declaring our van a total loss. It was great news and off we went to find a van. We looked at all the obvious places, auto trader and craig's list but our van came to us in an unexpected way.

Monday afternoon we were driving to my chiropractic appointment and lo and behold as we pulled into the parking lot there was this nice brown van and on the back it said "01-low miles" and a phone number. Chris and I looked at each other and went "hmm". As I went in this older senior citizen couple came out and got in the van. Chris inquired and they let him take a look at it. The deal was amazing and so was the car. They are original owners, have records of everything and the car was in immaculate shape. I don't think anyone has ever sat in the back! We took it to our mechanic yesterday who couldn't find a thing wrong with it and told Chris he would buy it if it was him. Last night we took a drive with our money and bought the car! While we were there we found out that since committing to sale us the van three other people had called or come buy wanting the van.

We are again amazed at God's faithfulness. Somehow we ended up with a newer car, one in way better shape, 70,000 less miles AND we still have insurance money leftover. Wow!

What story would be complete without a little drama... I guess none for the Daukas family. I was the privileged one who got to drive our new van home last night. I was with my mom, taylor & trevor and we were driving along on the freeway. We only had the car a few minutes when I run over something big. Accidentally of course. After getting over the initial shock of the noise I continue driving only to have Chris & my dad flashing their brights from behind us. My mom gives them a call and I hear her say "They're are sparks? Now?" Then she turns to me and say "You need to pull over now the tires are sparking!" I'm thinking seriously what is my problem? Have I caught another van on fire? Poor Taylor hears all this and is just freaking out crying. She's apparently had enough of fires and vans. She's screaming, "we have to get out, let me out!" Turns out I ran over a large piece of tire and it was caught to my other tire and was sparking as I drove a long the freeway. Thankfully my dad was able to pull it off and the drama was over... for now :-)

I would love to post pictures of our new ride but our computer has been acting up lately. Add it to the list I guess. So once I get Iphoto to recognize my camera as real files again I'll post some :-)


Andrea said...

that is so great about your new van (except the sparking part)!!! thanks for sharing - i'm so encouraged to hear about God's faithfulness to your family!

Briana Almengor said...

What a story! We live that kind of life. :) Glad you are equipped again w/ a van!

Brandy said...

Isn't it amazing to see how God will bless you after tribulation? Isn't it also hard to be faithful that God will bless you after tribulation? I am so happy for you guys!

Hi! said...

Great news! We're very happy for your family.

Love Jessica

Liz said...

You guys sure live an exciting life!! We miss you tons!! Are you going to New Attitude? Matt will be there!!

Shawnda said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Sweet story of His faithfulness and care!

"Summershine" said...

Hi Tara!

What a great ending to what seemed like a very stressful situation. God is so amazing and so good. He always knows what is best for us. We continue to see over and over that we just need to trust even when things seem stressful.

I tagged you. See my blog for the questions. :)


Carrie said...

Wow Tara! That is amazing! What an encouraging reminder of God's goodness!