Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Realtor Craze

I hinted around on Easter that our house was back on the market. It's true and that would explain my blogging absence. I'll continue to save the details until we know more (it really is an amazing story) but let's just say we need to sale our house, like yesterday. In effort to quickly sale our house we dropped our price by 20k. Apparently that was a smart move because we've had 11 showings in 6 days straight! There have been multiple days when I've had to pack and leave for the day because the calls went something like this "I'm coming between 9-11" next call, "I'll be there from 12-2" and the final call, " I will be showing your house between 2-5". My parents have been gracious to let us crash their house so I'm not homeless with three kids all day! The feedback we've gotten has been positive, we are on the top of a few people's list and others said it was beautiful but they're looking for a different floor plan. We are also praying about an offer we got to lease to own our house. So, if you would join us in praying for our house to sale quickly and wisdom as we make decisions!

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Shawnda said...

Wow!!! Putting the house on the market with kids is CRAZY!!! I'm learning that more and more as so many of our friends have their house on the market right now with the church plant move!!! Grace and peace be with you, sister!!!