Thursday, April 10, 2008


I knew that we were asking a lot by praying our house would sale within a matter of weeks. But I also knew that if God could raise Jesus from the dead, selling our house quickly wouldn't be a problem. We continue to have a steady stream of realtor's coming. Averaging at least one showing a day. This weekend I was exhausted, my back hurt beyond medication and I wasn't sure if I could do it anymore. Then while making dinner I got a call that someone was in my neighborhood and wanted to show my home. "Right now?" I asked. "Now" I was told. They came in and we ended up talking to the realtor and this lady for awhile. The next day we got a contract from her. It was exciting but unfortunately we couldn't accept it as is so we countered. In God's providence our neighbor down the street, who's had there house up for sale for over 100 days, dropped their price by 20k, a price we couldn't beat, and our buyer was gone. Chris and I thanked the Lord because we knew he was doing something bigger than what we could see. It was no coincidence that this man picked the ONE DAY we were negotiating a contract out of the hundreds he had, to drop his price. So we go into another weekend waiting and praying for the Lords will to be done. It is true that I desire to move into the house that Chris and I are in the process of buying but even more true is that I want to be where the Lord wants us to be.

Here a few Spurgeon quotes that have encouraged my soul recently.

The Lord, when he has given great faith, has been known to test it by long delays... If it pleases Him to test our patience shall he not do as he wishes with His children? Unanswered petitions are not unheard. By and by your case shall prevail. Can you not be content to wait a little? Will the Lords time not be better than yours? Spurgeon M&E

Hold loosely to all worldly things, but grip firmly the unseen God. Fussing, worrying & hurrying will do no good. Be calm and quiet; all will be well if you are the Lord's child. Beside Still Waters

We are poor fools when we begin to deal with the future. It is a sea that we are not called to navigate. Beside Still Waters

If your back is breaking (appropriate you think?), if your eyes are failing through weary watching and waiting, come to the Savior just as you are. He will be your rest. Beside Still Waters

I am constantly witnessing the most unmistakable examples of answers to prayer. My entire life is made up of them. They are so common that they no longer surprise me... It is true that I have had to wait because my time was ill-judged and God's time was far better. But delays are not denials. Beside Still Waters


megan russell said...

Thanks for posting these. So encouraging to my soul... as we are in a similar situation!

Sarahd said...

I just wanted to let you know that back when we were selling our house, there were quite a few for sale. Ours was on forever (maybe a year?) The one down the street sold, and the mother and son, through coming to a backyard bible club we had, placed faith in Christ. Soon after (within the week, I think) our house sold. Because of the move, we couldn't follow up with them to see how genuine it was, but I just wanted to encourage you through it. I know you know this His will, but I thought I'd share anyway. God may use your family in a big way to reach out to the person who chose your neighbors house over yours.

Briana Almengor said...

Thanks for letting us in on what God is teaching you. It is encouraging to me today.

Brandy said...

I am so encouraged by your strong faith. Jeff and I are in prayer for the Lord's guidance in getting me out of the workforce, so I understand how easy it is to be so focused on what "I" want - like staying in our house - but that may not be God's will. Thank you for always being so transparent! Love you guys.