Thursday, April 17, 2008

Top 5 Ways To Not Welcome Your Husband Home

I remember a time when I would use Chris’ out of town trips to do a special project. Life would often slow down while he was gone. There would be no night ministry meetings and once the baby was in bed I would have a whole chunk of time to myself. I would brainstorm things that I could do to bless Chris and it always seemed to make the time that he was gone go by faster. One trip I decided to give our master bedroom closet a makeover. It was in need of some serious help and was one of those tasks that would just get pushed to a “one day” status. I went through our clothes, gave things away, built shelves for shoes etc. I was so proud of myself and he was totally surprised when he got back! As our number of children has increased, as well as the demands on my time while he’s gone, those big projects have faded into the distance. I think the last time he was gone I cleaned out his car and got it washed for him and I was struggling to find time and energy for that small task. Well this trip has been a little different to say the least. No special projects, painting or car washing this week. Actually I feel sorry for what he has to return to. I’ve seen some great posts from ladies who’s husbands are at the same conference this week. I’ve been spurred on by their Godly attitudes and sacrifice while their husbands are gone and I don’t have a thing to add. No instead I thought I’d post a few ways to NOT welcome your hubby home from a trip:

1. “Chair, what chair? Oh that chair… the one you sit on while working tirelessly for your family…yeah your son kind of got loose without a pull up and pooped on your new computer chair. And well after many cleanings I just couldn't get the smell out of the porous fabric and we had a realtor coming... so it’s in the trash.”

2. Look really fat and bloated because the prednisone you took all week for your illness made you gain 6-8 pds of fluid

3. Do I even mention the car…and how I actually did us a disservice for putting the fire out. I learned yesterday insurance only covers fire damage and apparently there’s only a couple hundred dollars worth of actual fire damage and that doesn’t even meet our deductible. I asked the guy, “So let me get this straight, if I would’ve let my car burn longer or say burn up, the insurance would by me a new car?!”… good to know for next time! Verdict is still out on what caused the electrical malfunction or what we are going to do. Just in time for his return!

4. I lost our i-pod. Yeah seriously, can’t find it anywhere. Maybe I can say it was in the car and is now apart of “actual” fire damage.

And the final way to not greet your husband when he returns home from a trip….

5. Wake him up early in the morning with… I know your tired after a along trip and got home a midnight last night but GET UP a realtor is coming!! (this is a future event that will happen tomorrow morning as I just got a call for a second showing)

Thankfully there will be many more trips in our future where I can work on my welcome home efforts :-) As this week comes to an end I really do want to say how thankful I am for the church and friends. I have received so much grace and help from my parents who probably would've thought I'd have leaved and cleaved a long time ago and the days of calling tow trucks and mechanics were over. They also sacrificed their clean house to my children so we'd have a place to stay with another rush of realtors in tow this week. Ruth for staying with me and just being my friend! Thanks to Lory for giving up her new van for me to use for the week so I wouldn't be without a car, Janelle for the popsicles and encouraging card and many others who called and encouraged me this week. I am truly blessed by wonderful friends & family!


Anonymous said...

first of all, bravo that you historically have tried to bless your husband with a surprise when he comes home. My general m.o. is to survive the time he's away and resist the urge to yell, "tag, you're it!" when he walks through the door. second of all, WOW! what a week you've had!! Glad you have such a great sense of humor. Also, I really hope a contract comes soon. It can be such a mental game when you house is shown a lot.

Anonymous said...

Oh! That's painful! Aren't we glad God is still good?

Emily Baker

J Winters said...

Well Tara, at least you still have your sense of humor!! Te-He- Love auntie jannerz

"Summershine" said...

I'm so glad you survived the long week! I love your humor in the situations that most of us would've crumbled under. You are such an uplifting example of a Godly mother and wife. Thank you!!

Jenna K. said...

Okay, Tara, don't be so hard on yourself! My husband is away right now, and as he so graciously put it on the phone this morning-"Are you surviving 3 days with the 3 kids? I can hardly survive 3 hours!" and by the way, if you had let your mini van stay on fire while you yell, 'burn, mama needs a new car!' your family would have had way bigger problems, like a mom in a mental facility!

Tara said...

Jenna I've always loved your sense of humor...but you do bring up a good point!

Hope you find lots of grace for the next three days!