Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The little men in my life

Now that my computer is in working order again I've finally got around to editing some pictures again. Let me show off some of my nephews to you!

Check out this little guy:

Gotta love his curls!!!

And of course my nephew Owen gets cuter by the day, if that's even possible! Can't wait to have you in Peoria buddy :)

This last little guy is way overdue in his introduction. He's not technically my nephew but I've adopted him as one :) This little one will join us in Peoria this coming weekend! With his family of course :)

Here's some of his newborn shots:

What joy children bring their families! Auntie Tara is happy to babysit anytime :) Alright Carrie time for me to come back to Gilbert and get some shots of your little guys.


CarrieLovesKeith said...

I would love that!! I'll let you know when they stop breaking bones and throwing up long enough to take a few pictures ;-)

Brandy said...

Is it wrong to say I already think baby Luke M is cute? Guess I'm a little biased with the name at all. :) But that Owen, he is quite the charmer. Thanks for the update Tara, very sweet.