Monday, June 29, 2009

Taylor's Tap Dance

Saturday night was Taylor's tap dance performance. It was her first time on the "big stage". She started lessons back in September and we decided once we moved in May that I would make the drive every Saturday back to Gilbert to let her finish. I'm so glad we did. Not only has it been a great experience for Taylor but it's allowed us a chance to see some of our friends and swim at my parents.

Taylor did a great job dancing! Smiling and dancing through it all. The best part was after they finished and everyone was clapping, they had to grab their prop and walk off stage in a line waving to the audience as their exit music played. Well Taylor grabbed her book and tried to squeeze into line but it didn't work. So she walked all the way to the back of the line and turned around. Now at this point all the girls were pretty much gone but she took her time waving to everyone, smiling as she slowly walked off stage. It was awesome! Way to stand out there girl :)

Here's some pictures from Saturday night.

Taylor all dolled up:

Some in action:

Taylor & her fans:


Brandy said...

She is so gorgeous!!! Wonder where she gets that from....:)

I love that she is confident to not run off when things didn't quite go as planned. You go Taylor!!!

Lory said...

Oh, YAY! She's so cute:)

KylieSmylie said...

Oh so cute. Taylor You looked so Beautiful!! My word the pictures are great too!!

Timarie said...

What a beautiful little girl and she appears very comfortable on the stage may she use her talents to glorify God like her mommy! Kathy

Rebekah said...

Oh my gosh, SO CUTE! She looks like she was having so much fun ... surprise, surprise. ;) Wish we could have been there to see her tap her little heart out! And wayda make a great exit, girly!