Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lock of Love

My hair grows really fast. It always has. Throw in a crazy year, three kids, not much time for haircuts and you end up with really long hair. I wish I had a before picture but this past month it's gotten way to long! Chris has always liked my hair short. I've questioned whether it's that he likes MY hair short or just short hair in general. I always thought guys like long hair, but not my husband :)

Friday I drove to Gilbert to my favorite hair stylist Cynthia, and told her to cut it all off. Ok not all off it but I had gotten to that point :) This past year I have thought that when it was time to make a more drastic change I would cut enough to donate too locks of love. So we measured off 10 inches and Cynthia snipped away. Actually I was quite surprised with how much hair I still had left after 10 inches.

I'm happy with the results and better, so is Chris. And well when it's 100 degrees out it's nice to have it short!

Here's my braid I'm sending off :

A after picture taken by Chris. Can I just say I hate taking pictures of myself! I'd way rather be behind the camera then in front of it :)

I'm donating my hair in honor of Heather Coombe. She's was a sweet, Godly gal I meet in December at our Church's winter retreat. She had just recently gone into remission with Leukemia. She wore a beautiful wig there, I would never have guessed it was a wig either. I had one great conversation with Heather about her journey with cancer. How hard it's been but how faithful God was to her & her family through the trial. Meeting her sealed the deal for my lock of love desire. Heather went to be with Jesus on April 20th. Her life & death had an impact on many. Please keep her family in your prayers. They miss her dearly but do not grieve as those without hope.

Go here for more information on Locks of Love. I know since my doing this it's now Taylor's desire to grow her hair back out and donate!


Rebekah said...

Like you said, I can't believe you have that much hair left after cutting off TEN inches! I had no idea your hair had gotten that long! I thought your hair was going to be shoooort, lol. It looks very very cute ... but you ALWAYS do, lady! =)

Brandy said...

Love the color, too! What a great example you are to Taylor that she would follow after you in an offering of love. Love that hair, girl!

Heather said...

ooooooooooh that's the perfect length. Still long enough to get it off your neck when it's really hot, but short and light enough to actually survive with it down!