Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Celebrating Seven

Chris and I returned today from celebrating our seven years of marriage. He surprised me a week ago by informing me that he had not only planned where we were going but arranged places for our children to go as well. What a blessing it was to not think about who would take our children! Originally I had thought we were going away for a night but again he surprised me with two nights! We stayed in a suite at a resort in Scottsdale, AZ. We had many quiet meals, just the two of us, walked around different shopping areas and played lots of cribbage. One of the things that I have always enjoyed about our marriage is the friendship that Chris and I share. We have so much fun together! He truly is my best friend. It's amazing to look back at how much life has happened in seven years:

In Seven Years...

we have had three kids
owned three homes (lived in five)
moved five times
chris has had six jobs (some within the same company)
lived in two different states
four churches (if you include our year at Cov Life in Maryland)
one church plant

God's faithfulness was with us through it all and there is no one I'd want to walk through all these changes with then Chris! However, for the time being, we are quite settled and I have to admit it feels really nice :-) I love you honey- thank you for an amazing past few days! I am already eager for our next getaway!

**Thanks also to the many people who made this trip possible by watching our children- papa/nana, the richardsons, miss ruth, james & summer, scott & stacy, and the english family!


Heather said...

What a special treat!!!

Shawnda said...

Happy Anniversary, sister!!!!!! What a SWEET TREAT to get away AND have the kiddos cared for...w/o even having to think about it!!!!! That's a beautiful pic of the 2 of you on your wedding day!!! And you are STILL just as beautiful! ; ) The testimony of His faithfulness to you is SO encouraging! Thanks for sharing!!!