Thursday, July 12, 2007

Swim Days

It's hot. It's really hot lately. There have been a few ways we've been fighting off boredom during these summer months. One has been regularly going to my parents and swimming. The only way you can be outside in AZ. The kids love it! Even Rylee- she has actually taken to the water without any fear! A first for a daukas baby. She loves going underwater and splashing around on my parents big step. These are two video's are of Trevor & Taylor. Trevor loves to swim if he's holding on to someone. He still has a little fear swimming around by himself. His absoulte favorite thing to do is to dive for rings with someone. I've actually got it to where I can hold him on my hip, go underwater and push him down to grab the ring himself! The one of Taylor breifly shows how far she's come with her swimming skills. She truly is a fish!

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Lory said...

Cute, cute!! Love those kids!