Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Taylor's First Day of School

Today was Taylor's first day of school! It was very exciting. We got there and all the kids were lining up against the wall for her class. The school has a playground just for kindergarten and during this particular start time it was just her class. That was so nice- there weren't hundreds of new kids around that she didn't know. Just 18. She walked over and lined up with her class. There were a few minutes of downtime in which one student started crying. Taylor looked at me and said "I don't want to go" and I could tell she was about to lose it. Thankfully it was then the teacher said "let's go inside kids!". Again, Thankfully, I was wearing my very big sunglasses so she and others couldn't see my tears. I jumped in the van and cried to Chris. So glad he was there so he could calm me down! It definitely felt odd to hand her off.. I told Chris I didn't know anyone there! For preschool she was in a class with two of my friends kids. So the whole first day event we went through together. Chris reminded me why we thought this would be best for our family and for Taylor this year and we can re-evaluate that at anytime. Well the two and a half hours went by very quickly and it was time to pick her up. She had a big smile and told us all about the day. Which apparently was mostly about learning where things are in the school. She was so excited to learn that the school had a Dr's office ( nurse's really but I guess all the same to her). She had made some friends and said she "showed respect to her teacher by doing what was asked of her." One of the things we had prepped her for in the morning. While waiting to pick Taylor up I changed the whole "I don't know any of the other parents" dilemma. I introduced myself to a few of the other moms, all had girls in Taylor's class, they seemed really nice. One was wearing big sunglasses like me to hide her tears as well :-)

Here are some pictures of the morning. I'm kind of disappointed with the shirt I chose... let's face it, isn't how you dress really what's important for the first day of school :-) It's a really cute outfit but the pink didn't "brighten" up her face in pictures like I would've hoped. Oh well there will be many more first day of school picture opportunities.

This is her "MOM- no more pictures face!"

Taylor how did you like school? I loved it!!"

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Heather said...

You made it! Of course Taylor would... Sometimes I think these kinds of things are harder on moms. I probably would have utilized the big sunglasses too!