Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How fast they grow...

Chris and I have been amazed lately at how fast our children are growing up.

Let's start with Taylor- As you know she began kindergarten last week but I have had the privilege of watching her go from a basic reader to a more advanced reader this summer. We joined a couple reading programs in the community and she loved they idea of getting rewards for her work. Really who doesn't? She got a zoo ticket, IMAX ticket, $10 to the Christian Berean bookstore and a few other prizes. Chris and I wanted to join but we were told it was just for kids. The thing that I have loved about Taylor reading is how much she loves reading. She literally will ask all day long to do school. I've continued with sing, spell, read & write and we've gotten through the letter clusters, two vowel rule and silent e and I add in new sight words weekly. I have so enjoyed seeing her reading light bulb go on. With our new school schedule I have had her get up in the mornings and read a bible story with me. The other day I wasn't finished with my reading yet so I gave her God's big picture bible and she began to read it aloud to herself. Again I was amazed at how far she's come!

Trevor- Well he caught me off guard last week on vacation with how much he has learned without me directly teaching him. While waiting for food at restaurants I'd take the crayons or different color sugar packets and we'd play games of counting and colors. He was able to count to 15 (granted 12-15 were a little garbled but he'd yell 15) and he could correctly give me each color I named... blue, red, pink, orange, green, white & black! I even made it harder by asking him to count the red crayons in the midst of all the other colors and he could separate the reds (or whatever color I said) correctly and count them. I know he's a genius like his father :-)

Rylee- She's not counting or reading but she did take a step! She doesn't seem to be in a hurry to walk though. And as of a week ago she is my latest walker. Not that I mind... she can crawl as long as she'd like :-) She will however climb up onto anything! Here are a few places I've found her:

The other thing that has given us the sense that our kids are growing up is that we moved Taylor & Trevor into bunk beds this past week. Yes, in the midst of all the throwing up we got bunk beds built and their first night in the beds I awoke to Taylor puking on the top bunk... I wasn't so grateful at that moment for bunk beds. But since, I have loved having the two share a "sleeping" room. That's important to note. Taylor would want you to know that she does not have a boy room, she just sleeps in there at night and plays in her pink, girly, room during the day! But they both love being together- particularly Trevor. And I love Rylee not awaking early because of her sister :-)

Here are a few pictures of the bunk beds... I don't have all the bedding yet so Trevor just sleeps on a bunch of sheets tucked in.

One morning I hung sheets from the top bunk to make a fort... they loved that!

Here's a picture peeking into the fort:

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