Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Christmas in August

I have this thing where I don't like to purchase new things when Christmas is near. Apparantly six months is close is my mind. Chris still remembers when we were dating and the new Jars of Clay CD came out in September and I wouldn't buy it because I could ask for it for Christmas. I think he ended up buying it for me early. Well one of the things that's on the top of the list for Trevor is "boy" stuff. He has really taken to pretend play and the only stuff we have around here is Taylor's. Not that that's stopped him. But enough was enough and Chris took us out monday night to toys- r- us for some early Christmas shopping. It was time for Trevor to stop pretending he was a princess :-)

We bought two outfits from imaginarium. A train conductor piece and a construction worker set. All I can say is he loves it and I'm so glad we didn't wait till Decemeber. He wore the train outfit the entire day yesterday and then putting him to bed last night he wanted to sleep in it. It came with a stopwatch, walkie talkie, train whistle and train tickets.

If you've ever heard Trevor tell one of his train stories you know that it always includes "Oh no, train went off the track" Then it continues on with Trevor the train conductor fixing it. Here he is making his "Oh No" face:

He gave rides in his train all day to Rylee. Mommy took some turns pushing him and Rylee as well. I did one ride with all three kids and realized, I'm too old for this or out of shape, as my back began to cramp up!

Here's some pictures of the construction outfit:


Heather said...

Oh Tara (all of) those pictures are priceless. I love to see their little imaginations budding! It is fun to see what kind of costumes we can come up with for boys. Being from a family of all girls, it took me a while to get the hang of the whole boy thing. I'm now getting more and more excited about costume possibilites for boys! I've tucked these ideas here away for... Christmas!

Stephenia said...

Hey Mrs. Daukas,
The outfits are very cute!! Reminds me of when Stephen would wear his "special boy" outfits. I am so thankful that God put Trevor in your life!

love and miss you,

Anna said...

Oh wow, he's grown-up in these past eight months!!! I'm looking forward to catching up with you guys and watching the kids again when I get back! :D w00t!