Thursday, August 09, 2007

School Days

I thought I'd give an update on some things we've been doing for school. Last week the kindergartners had a silly sock day to reinforce the letter "S". That didn't go so well at first... I got some white socks and helped her glue on shapes and color with a permanent marker... it looked ok at first but when she went to put the socks on, everything fell off and it looked horrible, not silly. I finally convinced Taylor that it would be very silly if she just wore multi- colored socks layered over each other.

This week they've been studying the letter "T" and the color yellow. Each week the teacher assigns a letter to a different child and they are given some activities to prepare to share with the class on friday. Well Taylor is the first child to be given a letter so we've been getting ready all week for tomorrow. First she had to cut out the letter T that was sent home and find five things that start with the letter and glue them onto the paper. Second she had to find two items that begin with letter "T" and place them into a paper bag. Then she needed to prepare two clues for each item to share with her class to help them guess what she brought in. Of course turtle starts with "T"... so it's been used A LOT this week including a paper turtle they made in class and a toy turtle that will be in the bag tomorrow... just can't escape it I guess. An optional activity is to bring in a snack that starts with the letter T. Of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make my favorite lemon sugar cookie! Taylor and I made them today and used a teddy bear cutout. Then we made frosting and colored it yellow.

As if that isn't enough, each kid was given a paper T-shirt to decorate that is now hanging in the kindergarten hallway. Taylor enjoyed placing different jewels, stickers and adding some of her own artwork... if only her mom wasn't so craft challenged :-) So needless to say we been busy this week but it's been a lot of fun!

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