Friday, August 31, 2007

Funny Things Kids Say

We've been working on potty training Trevor for the past week. He does great when we are at home. This morning he had no accidents and told Chris every time he had to go to the bathroom! So I think we are going to start turning a corner where there is no looking back. He's said a few funny things along the way.

First off I went to the bathroom the other day and I came out and Trevor said " Yeah mommy, mommy gets a treat!"

Secondly the toilet got plugged up the other day and well didn't look to pretty. Trevor didn't want to go in a dirty potty... go figure. So yesterday morning I cleaned it and when it was time for Trevor to go potty he walked in and saw the toilet and exclaimed "You cleaned Mommy! You cleaned it for ME- thank you, thank you!" Yep Trevor I cleaned the potty just for you... and everyone else that has to use it :-)

Taylor joined in the fun with her own moment... She has transitioned to taking showers since school began. She has loved the independence and I've enjoyed not straining my back. Well a few mornings ago I came in there and she had all the bottles lined up in some sort of order. I should mention she takes showers in my bedroom... I give the other two a bath in my room while she's in the shower. Anyway she needed some help opening the conditioner. I opened it up and put the bottle back down. She looks at me and says laughingly, "Silly mommy that is NOT where the conditioner goes!" As she picks the bottle up and moves it to a different spot. It made me chuckle- right Taylor cause see this used to be MY shower until you came a month ago. I'm sure I will be praising God for her organizing eye in future years!


Heather said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one who is congratulated! A couple of weeks ago, Xander loudly congratulated me in the women's restroom at church - of course right in the middle of the pre-church rush...

hurray for the growing independence of both of your older children!

Stephenia said...

Happy for less diaper to change:).
Love and miss you guys.