Sunday, August 19, 2007

Party Time

Yesterday, we celebrated Rylee's birthday. We woke her up with the Daukas balloon tradition. Every birthday kid gets balloons in their room on the morning of their birthday. This year we waited to do balloons until the day after so Taylor wouldn't miss it. The kids had fun playing with the balloons that morning. Later that night we had a party at Peter Piper Pizza. This was the first party we've ever done at an establishment. Our families have gotten so big and it's too hot to enjoy the outdoors. So we thought it best to move it somewhere other than our house. I really enjoyed the part where they provided everything and cleaned up after us :-)

It was great to see all the cousins together and to catch up with everyone! Rylee loved the pizza, got some great presents and had a beautiful cake. (Compliments of a friend from church!)

Some people wore their hats...

Trevor and Cousin Ethan took many rides in this car:

They let Rylee join them for some of it:

Aren't these shoes so cute? :-) Taylor wore them for her first birthday. They totally impeded her walking ability but hey it was worth the cuteness!

Here's the adorable cake:

Rylee loved eating her first piece:

The best part of the party, by far, was finding out my cousin, who is like a sister to me, is pregnant again! Notice the "baby"
writing on her shirt!


Papa said...

It was a great time. Seems like birthday parties are the perfect place to announce pregnancies in our family

Sarah said...

The cake looks great! And Rylee is adorable.

Stephenia said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I can't believe Rylee is 1!!!