Thursday, August 09, 2007

Local Date Night Ideas

The past two date nights Chris & I discovered some great new places. Both have opened within the past month. The first one is a Brunswick bowling alley on Gibert & Warner. It's behind the Chipotle. While eating dinner there last week we noticed the sign and walked over to check it out. We were very impressed with what we saw inside. Not only did it have nice, clean, smoke free bowling alley's but it also had a really cool arcade. And this isn't like any arcade we've every seen. It reminded me a lot of Dave and Buster's. If your guy likes shoot em hoops and shooting gallery's like mine than he'll love this place. And of course they have my favorite, air hockey.

Another place most guys I know love is YC's mongolian grill. One just opened this week at Gilbert & 202 on the South/West corner. We ate their the other night and the food was delicious. It's the kind of place where you go through a line and pick out your meats and vegtables raw then pile on some noodles and pick your favorite sauce. Be sure to buy a doggie bag as you'll always have leftovers!

Hope this inspires some of you local married ladies!

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Carrie said...

YC's and basketball? Yeah, I think Keith might be up for this! :~) Thanks for the ideas!