Friday, August 03, 2007

Goodbye Laura- Turtle Sage Pt 2

Well I got in touch with my neighbor. She was out of town and with the help of one of my other neighbor's I got her cell phone. Turns out the kid next to us has a turtle too so Tracy (turtle owner) had our neighbor friend look in the shoebox to confirm it was indeed Laura I killed. Sure enough it was, the kid's next doors turtle is much bigger. Maybe I would've seen him. Tracy was really nice her first response was "Hey at least it wasn't a kid." Uh, wow, yes I guess that is a good thing... I hadn't really thought like that until you brought it up... She also said "We have another one in the backyard." That's good to know. Note to self there are two more turtles on our block.

Yesterday when they arrived home she came over with her four year old in her arms. She looks at her daughter and says what do you have to say to Tara. I'm thinking great... what's she going to say to me... She starts off with "Tara did you...?" I waiting for, "Tara, did you smash my most favorite Turtle with you car (tears streaming down face)?" But Her mom interrupts and says no remember what we talked about. "Tara it's ok you ran over my turtle I know it was an accident. He's with Jesus now!" It was so sweet... I figured now was probably not the time to tell her that I began a study on Heaven yesterday (after running over her turtle) and that the bible doesn't really speak to the subject of turtles being in Heaven. Her dad came over with a pair of gloves and took the shoe box from our backyard over to theirs. Her mom says aloud "Ok, well we are going to have a little service for Laura now." I gave my condolences as they walked away. At least they didn't invite me to the service... that would be a little awkward, "And now a few words from the driver..."

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Anonymous said...

who is piper? is he in the NT or OT? I have heard you mention him a lot....