Saturday, August 11, 2007

Train Bed

When we moved Trevor & Taylor into bunk beds I had to retire Trevor's cute Train Junction pottery barn toddler/crib set. It was sad for me... I loved the bedding and it of course went well with his train obsession. I've been searching places for the past two weeks for new bedding. I found one that I loved but could not handle the price tag. I resovled to just get him a set of sheets and put the search on hold till Christmas. That was until Wednesday. I went into TJ Max/Homegoods store and lo and behold they had a train quilt on clearnace. Much like the one I found elsewhere but for half the price. The only bummer part was that they didn't have the matching pillow sham. Just the quilt. But I figured he's two he won't care... after it was on his bed for awhile he began to study the picture on the case it came in. It had a picture of a bedroom decked out with all the coordinating pieces. He looked me right in the eyes and no joke said, "Where's train pillow?" Can't get anything pass him!

He was so cute when we gave it to him though. I wish you could've seen his face. I've never seen someone so excited over bedding! It brought me so much joy to see him so happy. I put it on his bed for him and he ran and jumped up and down on his bed saying " I love my bed, I love my bed!"

Now if I could just get him to stay in it at night and not climb up to be with Tay,tay... another post for another time I guess.

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